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Indoor Installation

Indoor wireless networks are playing a more and more important role in daily life due to the dramatically increasing amount of mobile devices; an adequate wireless network planning must go beyond providing a certain capacity to the users.

WiFi has become the "de facto" standard for indoor network access in enterprises and schools. Before installing a wireless network, is a good idea to think things through a bit: What you are planning to do with the wireless network, if is it an addition or a replacement, it is not delay tolerant or sensitive to bandwidth variations (like voice and video conferencing), the material the building is made of and if the building is long and stretched or compact.

Project image
Project image
Also it has to be considered if you expect your users will be mainly static, or they will move a lot in the wireless area in order to have an uninterrupted handover, good places to hang the Access Points with wired sockets and electricity available (If not, might need stable solar/battery power supplies and/or UPS).

Reliability beyond the walls

Outdoor Installation

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Our experience deploying wireless network will work with you to deal with a variety of situations and/or installation sizes with little/no disruption to your activities.

Our goal, while deploying process, is to have no network down-time to keep your productivity running.
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Reaching beyond the sight

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